Koehn Concert Cedar

Warm and focused


The Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) mainly grows in the American North-West and in the West of Canada (British Columbia). It belongs to the family of Cypresses and with a height of 70 metres and a diameter of three to four metres it can be called a „tree-giant“. It doesn't have a very long history as tonewood for guitar tops. It was only in the 1960s that it was first discovered for that kind of use.

The wood is more porous and elastic than spruce, but also lighter. Its good balance between stiffness and weight combined with its loose structure makes cedar an interesting alternative to Spruce for making guitars.

The Concept

Model Cedar captivates the attention with its elegant, dark appearance, a quick response, a warm sound and a focused tone. It is powerful and has a lot of volume, without losing the sonic beauty of a traditional guitar.

I use special details in the construction to fully realise the possibilities of this wonderful tonewood. The solid top is jointed from two bookmatched halfs of solid Canadian Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) and reinforced with asymmetric fan-shaped bracing made of Spruce (Picea abies).

In combination with Rosewood back and ribs, this model offers many of the positive sound-features usually found in guitars with a Spruce top. The sound ist round, warm and yet clear and can be modulated easily.

I laminate the Rosewood ribs with Cypress or Pearwood (double rib) and the Mahogany neck has a carbon fibre rod. This construction allows for a long sustain and a good projection. Working out individual measurements that are ideal for the player, is part of my concept. By doing that, I can create an instrument that is particularly comfortable to play.

Model Cedar is suitable for guitarists who are looking for an instrument with a dark, full voice and a balanced, orchestral character.


Scale length650 mm / 640 mm

TopCanadian Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), solid

BackRosewood, solid

RibsRosewood, laminated




Saddle/Bridge InlayBone

FinishFrench polish with shellac

Tuning machinesSloane


Optional:Tuning machines by Scheller or Allessi, soundport, armrest, cutaway
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The Sound

La Mia Barbara

John Dowland

Live recording
Nicolas Papin
Guitar: Model Concert Cedar 2009

Sarabanda de Scriabin

Leo Brouwer

Live recording
Nicolas Papin
Guitar: Model Concert Cedar 2009

Adagio BWV 1001

Johann Sebastian Bach

Live recording
Nicolas Papin
Guitar: Model Concert Cedar 2009

Suite Venezolana

Antonio Lauro

Live recording
Nicolas Papin
Guitar: Model Concert Cedar 2009