“The sound is beautifully round, the volume is impressive and the trim between trebles and bass is perfect. The guitar is as nice to look at as it is to play, and it opens up new pathways for sound exploration and balance between the different voices. Thank you for making this great insrument, Christian!”

Antoine Boyer, guitarist
“Christian Koehn is an exceptional guitar maker. Tremendous craftsmanship and sensitivity for sound are combined with subtle aesthetics in shape and design. His wonderful restorations show his profound respect towards the work of the ‚old masters‘ of his craft. He is a godsend for our instrument.”

Siegfried H. Hogenmüller
Historian and expert for Spanish guitars
“Feeling and an unerring instinct for sound, an eye for aesthetics, love for his craftsmanship and eagerness for experiment are some of his qualities... ”

Prof. Eugenia Kanthou
Lecturer for Guitar and Guitar Chamber Music at Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst, Wien and Visiting Professor at Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler, Berlin
“I had the pleasure of teaching many guitar making students when I set up and ran the new classical guitar making course at the Newark School of Guitar Making in 1994, and many students achieved high standards with their work.
But occasionally we were amazed when someone emerged as a natural and excellent maker from the start.
Christian Koehn immediately struck me (and my fellow teachers) as someone who would go far. Even in the early days, he demonstrated a wonderful talent for fine craftsmanship, combined with a curiosity for creating a beautiful sounding instrument.
I am not surprised that he has quickly become established as a successful guitar maker and we will all follow his career with great interest.”

Roy Courtnall
Guitar maker, tutor and author of the book 'Making Master Guitars'
“What an excellent guitar maker Christian Koehn is, you can see in his replica of a 'Weißgerber' guitar with flutings and elaborate ornamentation, which sounds fantastic. With his carefully thought out concept, he did not only prove his profound understanding for constructing guitars in general, but also for the sound of the instrument in particular. Furthermore, he showcases his extraordinary craftsmanship, from treatment of the materials to finest french polish.”

Christof Hanusch
Guitarist and author of “Weißgerber – Guitars by Richard Jacob”
“With my Romantic guitar by Christian Koehn it was a bit like love at first sight. I knew immediately, it is the right instrument for me. The sound is just beautiful.”

Viola Weiser
“Dear Christian, you made something for me, that is worth getting up for in the morning. A simple idea – you constructed a work of art. You are for me, what a guitar maker should be: A visionary and an innovator. Thanks a lot.”

David Guichon
“It took about half a second until I trusted Christian and his abilities as a guitar maker, when we first talked. When I got to know him and his guitars, this positive feeling was confirmed in the best way, and that happens again and again with each encounter, with every problem I consult him about. An extremely positive experience. I look at his work as a Flamenco-player. Thinking about the moment, when I first touched his replica of a legendary Flamenco-guitar, makes me smile every time. Just awesome! And that was his first one! He is open minded, he listens carefully, he is creative, even venturous and genuine. The perfect guitar maker.”

Rayko Schlee